Brands don’t become great by accident. With deep insight, we can deliver practical answers that help you understand why your brand isn’t outperforming the competition, whether it needs to be re-positioned to achieve performance goals, or if your brand architecture needs to be streamlined. Our years of experience give us the ability to see what may not be apparent and use that to help define a focused, effective brand strategy.

A great brand appeals to both hearts and minds. It’s about functional and emotional benefits. It’s about crafting, targeting and conveying solid value propositions, to every constituent, inside or outside the organization. When a company gets it right, the brand’s promise is reinforced, brand equity and economic value rise and the brand drives real business performance. That’s why a sound strategy is so important.

1KG Brand approach is based on fact and observation, rooting our work in deep and extensive research. Our strategies work because we gain the knowledge needed to make them succeed. We’re not reading you a page from the playbook – we craft a strategy for your unique needs from the ground up.

Our strategy teams are multidisciplinary strategists, designers and writers, as well as digital and implementation experts. Together, we can address any element of brand strategy, including:

·       Create new or refresh positioning for companies and products

·       Recasting corporate mission, vision and values

·       Improving financial performance through brand portfolio optimization

·       Articulating a compelling, differentiated brand messaging framework

·       Evaluating the equities and liabilities of both the client and competing brands

·       Quantifying economic value at risk when making brand decisions

·       Defining aspects of competitive advantage

·       Clarifying the sources of future growth in shareholder value for investors

·       Segmenting customer needs and value propositions

·       Identifying the underpinnings of corporate brand sustainability

·       Aligning branded customer experiences with purchase and loyalty drivers

Effective ideas come from solid understanding. We are well-versed in all forms of qualitative and quantitative research. We team with our clients to determine the most effective ways to uncover new insights. And, we can harness the creativity and knowledge of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of stakeholders by using proven co-creation methodologies.

Making sound brand and marketing decisions cannot be done in the dark. Every brand-building exercise involves many critical choices that can determine whether your investment pays off or falls flat. At 1KG Brand, we know that research provides a critical underpinning of these important decisions and we offer a comprehensive research and analysis capability to support your branding efforts.

From qualitative discovery work, to brand valuation and financial impact modeling, to testing alternative strategies and execution elements, to tracking brand performance over time, we can help you learn what you need to know to move forward with confidence, based on the best and most complete insight available.

1KG Brand employs a comprehensive set of proven research methodologies that deliver deep insight and provide valuable input to our other services. These include:

·       Ethnographic/behavioral observation

·       In-depth, guided discussions

·       Co-creation forums

·       Focus groups

·       One-to-one interviews

·       Quantitative Internet/phone surveys

·       National/global on-line panels

This multifaceted approach offers significant advantages over a narrow research methodology. By applying varied methods and tools, our researchers are able to see the picture from many angles, not just a single point of view. We get both subjective, qualitative insight and objective, measurable metrics. We get the perspective of those in other regions, as well as those close to home. We get in-depth knowledge based on individual conversations, as well as broad impressions from focus groups. And, we give stakeholders a direct role in guiding the direction of the brand-building effort.

1KG Brand selection of research services is extensive, covering every key aspect of brand development. Our research engagements are always tailored, flexibly integrated and sequenced into appropriate phases of work, based on each client’s requirements. The available services include:

Brand strategy

·       Customer behavior/needs insight

·        Purchase and loyalty drivers

·       Market segmentation

·       Brand equities and liabilities

·       Competitive assessments

·       Employee sensibilities

·       Investor perspectives

·       Corporate sustainability priorities

·       Brand platform validation/refinement

·       Brand extension/portfolio rationalization

Design and nomenclature

·       Design testing/validation

·       Names/naming testing/validation

·       Messaging testing/validation

Brand management

·       Brand equity transfer management

·       Customer experience refinement

·       Brand performance tracking/scorecards

·       Brand valuation

·       Communications channel and mix assessment

User experience

·       Usability testing

·        Message testing and validation

·       Information design reviews

·       Performance and scalability

Outstanding design is at the core of what we do. 1KG Brand has assembled an exceptional multilingual and multicultural group of designers. Each member of this diverse and talented team brings a unique perspective to every assignment. It makes for a vibrant and energetic creative environment where the best of many distinctive design ideas rise to the top. Whether it’s a new identity, a website, printed collateral, a mobile experience – or all of the above – we have the skills and experience to create truly distinctive design solutions.

At its core, design is about solving problems. The medium changes from project to project, but the elements of good design remain the same. What is the objective? Who is the audience? What are we communicating? What is the overall visual personality? At 1KG Brand, we solve these problems every day – with authority, clarity and unswerving attention to detail. Over the years, we have helped companies across many industries create memorable logos and build strong identities. We can do the same for you.

Diversity is a particular strength of the 1KG Brand design team. We bring multicultural insight that elevates our work above the expected. We combine a passion for art, design, color, texture and typography with close collaboration and lively interaction. Each of our designers brings a unique skill set and viewpoint. When they mix, the result is a better outcome.

We are a team of skilled individuals that see the big picture, working to discover seamless solutions in any medium; we see the world as our canvas. Behind all of our design is a strong strategic focus. A fact-based, insightful direction is what keeps our creativity on a clear path to success. Passion and drive, combined with artistry and deep thinking, are what set 1KG Brand apart from the rest.

We offer enhanced value with the ability to go beyond a narrow project focus, delivering fully realized, integrated design solutions:

·       Corporate identity

·       Logo design

·       Signature systems

·       Identity standards

·       Implementation guidelines

·       Collateral systems

·       Marketing communications

·       … and much more.




We hold that the process of creating, building and managing great brands requires a carefully orchestrated interplay between inspired creativity and analytical rigor. There must be objectivity and collaboration, within the organization and throughout the endeavor. Creating great brands is a matter of knowing both where and how to look… for unseen truths… unmet customer needs… hidden opportunities.

We believe in five universal truths that apply to all brands:

·       Brands drive sustained growth by connecting to both the heart and the mind – to emotion and reason in equal measure.

·       Brands are crafted and expressed through inspiration and creativity, applied to a careful understanding of rational and emotional drivers of preference and loyalty.

·       Brands must retain relevance and appeal through careful maintenance over time, using intelligent brand management techniques and metrics to measure both financial and perceptual performance.

·       Brands are economic assets to be invested in and managed for financial returns.

·       Brands, if managed well, enable organizations to embody their aspirations and inspire stakeholders – customers, employees, partners and the investment community.